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Japanese Live Seminar on the automotive cyber security standard ISO/SAE FDIS 21434 which was released in May 2021 with SGS Japan, Veriserve, and Secure-IC overviews of it.

  • Organized by: IC Solutions Division, Innotech Corporation
  • Sponsored by: SGS Japan Corporation VeriServe Corporation
  • Date & Time: Friday, September 3, 2021, 13:30 – 16:30


Secure-IC’s Japanese team will intervene on “Introduction of Automotive security solution and Penetration test services and Test tool for ISO21434.”

Cybersecurity demands are increasing in vehicle system where IT technology is advancing. In this situation, Secure-IC will introduce the integrated HW security modules for ECU and the failure injection attack detector as technologies which can realize safety and security at the same time.
Furthermore, Secure-IC will introduce its penetration test service for ECU and vehicle system compliant to automotive security standard (ISO/SAE 21434) with demo and test tool which can evaluate based from source code level and real device level.


返回到 活动