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SGS/Innotech Functional Safety for Automotive Webinar that will take place on 5th March 2021, 13:00-16:20 JST will present methodology to standardize and streamline activity of functional safety with innovative tool and technology.

Secure-IC will give a presentation on 15:50 -16:20 (JST) untitled “Introduction of Secure-IC’s safety/security solution and services for ISO/SAE 21434”.

This presentation will recall why safety technology is very important factor in automotive. On the other hand, adoption of IT technology in vehicle is advancing as well, and security technology protected by malicious hacker is becoming more important. Safety and security are thus closely connected. Secure-IC will introduce the integrated HW security modules for ECU and the failure injection attack detector as technologies which can realize safety and security at the same time. Furthermore, for vulnerability analysis, threat analysis and penetration testing activities required by upcoming automotive security standard (ISO/SAE 21434), Secure-IC will introduce Secure-IC’s training service, evaluation tool which can be used for verification from design phase and evaluation service.

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