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RISC-V Summit is organized by RISC-V International and Informa Tech and will take place in San Jose (USA) on December 8-10, 2021.

Founded in 2015, RISC-V International is now comprised of over 300 members and over 200 corporate/institutional members building the first open, collaborative community of software and hardware innovators powering innovation at the edge forward. Born in academia and research, RISC-V ISA delivers a new level of free, extensible software and hardware freedom on architecture, paving the way for the next 50 years of computing design and innovation.

Due to COVID situation, RISC-V Summit goes virtual with conferences, tech talk, networking meetings and a virtual exhibition.


Secure-IC is a Silver Sponsor of RISC-V Summit.

Our team will be attending the virtual exhibition and is looking forward to e-meeting you and exchanging on your security projects.

In parallel, Michel Le Rolland, Product Marketing Manager at Secure-IC, will give a Tech Talk in which he will present Secure-IC’s company and solutions to secure RISC-V cores namely Cyber Escort Unit and the SecuryzrTM . The Cyber Escort Unit is a Cyber Security add-on for processor and the SecuryzrTM is an integrated Secure Element used to offer multiple services, such as Secure Boot, for the core.

Join Michel’s tech talk on Dec.09 at 3.20 PM (PST)


More details and information about Risc-V Summit


Register now and use “SECUREIC” code to get 25% off.

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