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Must is a B2B Matchmaking platform to foster High-Tech ecosystem across the value chain.

Nowadays high-tech companies require more digitalization and virtualization tools to operate in their ecosystem, to find partners (Customers, suppliers, technology partners, etc.) and transact digitally. However still there is neither global, effective nor trusted way to create a community of reliable organizations part of the high-tech value chain. Must High-Tech Expo aims to be this all-in-one digital marketplace, enabling High-tech companies to connect, match make, network, exhibit, etc.

Secure-IC will join the virtual exhibition dedicated to Cybersecurity and IoT on September 29, 2021, first as an exhibitor but also as a speaker with its CEO Hassan Triqui, who will give the keynote talk on Security from chip to edge to cloud at 10h00 A.M. (CET).

Many connected objects and embedded systems are designed to operate for many years. This requires manufacturers and service providers to maintain the security of these objects and systems throughout their lifecycle.

What are the options available to component and device manufacturers, as well as service providers, to maintain the security of their devices against ever more advanced cyber-attacks? How can they manage developments throughout the device lifecycle? How can they ensure the protection of communications and data between devices and also via hosted cloud services? And even revoke access if necessary?

Secure-IC will provide concrete use cases to illustrate some of these challenges and some solutions to the challenges outlined above.


Do not hesitate to join Secure-IC on the virtual exhibition space all along the year

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