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“Anti-Fragile Security & Post-Quantum Cryptography in FPGAs”

Secure-IC will join its partner Lattice Semiconductor on a virtual seminar on Feb. 22, dealing about the challenges, opportunities, and latest programmable logic solutions for anti-fragile security and post-quantum cryptography.

The seminar will explore today’s cybersecurity trends and risks as the threat of system fragility increases. We will discuss how to use FPGAs to future-proof systems for resilient and secure silicon, solutions, and services to reduce risk and decrease fragility. In addition, we will also focus on post-quantum cryptography and rapidly approaching standards requirements.

Secure-IC will share its expertise on Post-Quantum Cryptography and on how to better identify post-quantum vulnerabilities, especially in case of physical attacks. We will also detail current standardization efforts conducted worldwide and our involvement in them and finally conclude on how to implement secure Post-Quantum security.

Join Lattice & Secure-IC on Tuesday, February 22 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM PST for this virtual seminar.


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