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Press Release – February 26th, 2020

Secure-IC, a world-leading provider of embedded cybersecurity for best in class protection technologies, integrated secure elements and security platforms, with security evaluation tools for certification readiness and assurance and consulting expertise and security assessment services, today announced a collaboration with Winbond Electronics, a leading global supplier of semiconductor memory solutions and a pioneer in certified secure memories, to enhance embedded software security in automotive and other connected industries. Under the partnership, Secure-IC will offer an enhanced security platform that supports the whole security lifecycle in complementary fashion with the use of Winbond TrustME® Secure Flash Memory.


Secure-IC and Winbond’s collaboration will provide cybersecurity offerings that leverage Winbond’s TrustME® Secure Flash Memory with Secure-IC’s SecuryzrTM integrated security service platform. Secure-IC’s secure element is an integrated security service platform to provide security from chip to edge and cloud, composed of 1) (ISE) Integrated secure element, 2) Associated service stack, (Firmware including secure connectivity libraries, 3) Server security lifecyles such as key management). SecuryzrTM is a major enabler for complete customer ownership of security.  The family of Winbond’s TrustME® Secure Flash Memory combines its leading edge NOR flash manufacturing process and state-of-the-art hardware security technology. The company’s offerings range from the world’s first and most secured EAL5+ Common Criteria certified flash memory device to cost-effective EAL2 memory devices that address the security challenges and requirements in different application scenarios.

Secure-IC’s integrated secure element, combined with Winbond’s TrustME® Secure Flash Memory offers the host system various services all along the life of the system: Key provisioning and management, Secure Boot and Firmware update, Lifecycle management, memory access management, etc. The combined solution is compliant with the highest levels of security certification and performance requirements.

“Teaming with a world class pioneer in certified memories enables us to improve security while maintaining the high-performance characteristics required in a number of markets, said Yan-Taro Clochard, North Asia Sales Director & Corporate Marketing Director. Our offering brings key provisioning and full lifecycle security credentials management. Partnering with Winbond, with its certified secure memories, strengthens our commitment to offer state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions and increases customer trust by reducing its amount of work for certification”

“Providing a proven and certifiable solution to customers significantly reduces product time to market as privacy and cybersecurity regulations are becoming mandatory.” said Hung-Wei Chen, Marketing Director at Winbond. “As a certified and scalable secure memory subsystem, Winbond’s TrustME® Secure Flash Memory is complementary to Secure-IC’s SecuryzrTM architecture as a complete system to serve a wide range of embedded applications.”

In an increasingly connected world, a significant amount of sensitive data shall be securely managed by a number of applications and across several devices. Secure-IC in this partnership offers access to an integrated design for secure provisioning of cryptographic keys and subsequent security assets management.

Security is everyone’s business, and every layer must take part in securing the overall system, so memory with built-in security is becoming indispensable. Winbond’s Common Criteria certified production site guarantees secured production, software programming, and key provisioning for connected systems. Partnering with Secure-IC complements the security offers and leverages the trusted firmware that comes as essential part of the solution.

You can learn more by visiting Secure-IC at Embedded World 2020 in Nuremberg from 25th-27th February where demonstrations of SecuryzrTM will be available.

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