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Secure-IC was honored with the Best Paper Award at the IP track at the Design Automation Conference 2021 for its paper entitled “Smart digital sensors against tampering”.

Co-written by Sylvain Guilley, CTO and Michel Le Rolland, Product Marketing Manager at Secure-IC, the paper explains how connected chips in portable devices shall both be safe and secure. Therefore, they must be endowed with specific hardware to detect hazards and attacks.

This paper highlights an integrated sensor that can be deployed within chips in several copies interleaved with the design it which it detects faults. The three main innovations of this sensor are: i) a front-end integration (owing to sensor being implemented in standard cells), ii) a wide range of abnormality detections (temperature, voltage, glitches, etc.) and iii) a low false positive rate made possible by a machine learning analysis of several sensors to make one accurate decision.

The machine learning part is integrated in logic, and detects faults. Moreover, the machine learning engine is able to classify the problem: attack vs hazard, and nature of the “glitch” (electromagnetic, clock, etc.)


The Design Automation Conference is the annual international conference for design and automation of electronic systems. Secure-IC will be part of the 59’th edition in Jul. 10-14, 2022 – San Francisco (USA).

We will be exhibiting on booth #1462 and hopefully speaking at conferences.



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