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AliceDestination Rennes has interviewed Alice Girot, Talent Manager of the Rennes-based company Secure-IC

The company, founded in 2010, which is specialized in securing connected objects and embedded electronic systems, has now become a global reference in its field. Despite the health crisis, the company continued to hire and is still actively seeking new people to work with.


What is Secure-IC and what solutions does it offer?

Secure-IC was founded in 2010 by its current CEO, Hassan Triqui, Sylvain Guilley and Philippe Nguyen. As the world we live in is becoming increasingly connected and interconnected, it is important to protect against malicious attacks and cyber threats. It is in this sense that Secure-IC team works to obtain reliable evaluation and protection tools for its clients such as car manufacturers or companies in the defense field.


How did Secure-IC deal with the health crisis?

With the health crisis and especially the lockdown, remote working was implemented during this period and thanks to the tools available internally, it worked well. In order to keep the link with each of the collaborators, we organized regularly meetings to make sure that everyone could work in good conditions.


How did the HR team adapt to this crisis?

Despite these conditions, Secure-IC continued its recruitment activity by adapting to the situation, particularly through video conferencing. As a result, the people recruited during the lockdown joined Secure-IC in June.


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