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Press Release - January 12th, 2021

Since entering into a strategic partnership in February of 2020, Menta and Secure-IC today announce that they have successfully co-developed a flexible solution that will allow next-generation SoCs to follow market security requirements over time.

Security standards evolve over time due to new and improved attack methods and as many ASIC products are fixed, they cannot remain compliant with these standards during their life cycle. That is why, from the very start of their partnership, Secure-IC and Menta have worked hand in hand to identify a flexible solution that will simplify the integration and enhance programmability of cryptographic security features in next-generation SoCs.

After only a few months, the joint work carried out by Secure-IC and Menta’s teams has already led to the identification of a solution that benefits directly from the expertise and technologies of both companies.

Built on Menta’s eFPGA IP flexible architecture, this solution differentiates itself by incorporating Secure-IC’s specific embedded crypto block.

Based on the observation that eFPGA was a powerful option to consider in the security field since it allows reconfiguration of some embedded system functions, the teams at Secure-IC and Menta have decided to implement Secure-IC’s cryptographic engines on Menta’s eFPGA. This first implementation attempt has been ensured on an eFPGA implemented in a STM 28nm node and can be offered on any technology node.

Deep technical work is also still being performed by both partners to use Cryptographic eCB (embedded Customer Block) to make the best of the high performance of Secure-IC’s crypto IP into Menta’s eFPGA.

The result of this technical work is detailed in a White Paper available upon request on both companies’ websites (here for Secure-IC).

Within this partnership, the companies intend to deliver Menta eFPGA by incorporating a series of cryptographic IPs (AES, RSA, Post-quantum cryptography, etc.) from Secure-IC, allowing reconfigurable usage of Secure-IC cryptography algorithms with optimized PPAs. Adapting to changing standards and upgrading possibilities will no longer be an issue as designers will benefit from a built-in programmability throughout the life of a product.

Menta and Secure-IC’s technologies combination is intended for SoCs used in automotive, IoT & edge, defense & government, media & entertainment, memory & storage, payments & transactions, trusted computing & cloud applications.

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