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Press Release – November 10th, 2021

Collaboration gives SoC and ASIC designers new flexibility to meet evolving security requirements in an efficient, cost-effective manner

Press Release – November 10th, 2021

Menta S.A.S, a premier supplier of embedded FPGA (eFPGA) solutions, and Secure-IC, the rising leader and only global provider of end-to-end cybersecurity solutions for embedded systems and connected objects, today announced a new milestone in their ground-breaking technology partnership: the availability of a 28nm test chip and board incorporating Menta’s eFPGA and Secure-IC’s integrated Secure Elements solutions. The combination of the two technologies demonstrates how Secure-IC’s IP technology and Menta’s eFPGA IP work in tandem to deliver a secure solution for sensitive applications.

The solution takes the two companies’ close collaboration to the next level. In January 2021, the companies announced a solution built on Menta’s eFPGA IP flexible architecture that incorporated Secure-IC’s specific embedded crypto blocks specifically designed for the eFPGA. That technology provided a flexible cryptography solution at lower power and silicon cost than a standard eFPGA IP.

Today, many sensitive applications are forced to rely on expensive, customized silicon solutions, but the new solution delivers much more flexibility to design teams.

The new technology is a powerful but highly secure programmable logic solution with a secure bitstream designed for sensitive applications such as in defense, industrial and secure communications.

“We are very excited with the collaboration between Secure-IC and Menta and the solution it provides to our customers,” said Yoan Dupret, Managing Director & CTO of Menta. “The combination of Secure-IC secure element and Menta eFPGA IP is offering an industrial solution that allows flexible SoC designs at no risk.”

The new solution is packaged, and silicon proven, and the eFPGA IP can be sized and defined for customer requirements. Both the device’s intellectual property and its security are protected. The solution ensures the authenticity of the bitstream that is going to be used by the eFPGA and that will be encrypted if needed.

“Both our R&D teams have worked closely together to build a fruitful collaboration between Secure-IC and Menta. The outcome of our collaboration leads to a highly differentiated and appealing offering to the market,” said Sylvain Guilley, CTO of Secure-IC.

The solution is available today, and demo boards are available upon request. Menta and Secure-IC will present demo boards at the European Cyber Week, in Rennes (France) on November 16-18 and at Design Automation Conference, in San Francisco (USA) on December 6-9.

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