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Hassan Triqui and Yan-Tarō Clochard were both interviewed by Sanjay Gangal, the director of EDACafé, who wanted to learn more about Secure-IC. Through various questions, the two Secure-IC’s representatives have highlighted the specificities and projects of the company.


EDACafé is an online media portal focusing on the EDA industry. Among many contents, Sanjay Gandal, its director, likes to highlight important companies of the sector in video interviews.


During the interview, Hassan Triqui, CEO and President of Secure-IC and Yan-Tarō Clochard, Director of Corporate Marketing had the opportunity to present Secure-IC and explained that the fast-growing company specialized in embedded cybersecurity systems aims at ensuring that a connected device is resilient against potential attacks and that Secure-IC provides a root of trust for the customers.

Secure-IC supports their customers from the beginning of the design, up to the security certification (high-level of thrust) through a specific approach called PESC for Protect, Evaluate, Service and Certify.

Finally, the journalist concluded in asking if the current health context had an impact on the market and more specifically on Secure-IC. Hassan Triqui replied that Secure-IC had not been particularly impacted and was still looking for new talents to hire.


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